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Featured Bundle!

Save time and money! The Private Pilot Kit provides the essential items you need to get your training started right. Items have been specifically selected to help you save both time and money.

Kit Includes

  • Logbook
  • E6B Plotter
  • One year subscription to Garmin Pro Pilot (app for maps on your phone/a HUGE help and information source for new student pilots)
  • Online course and videos to assist with test preparation

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Item # Item Description
1 AFD SCAirport Facility Directory South Central
2 Airplane/PHAK Combo Airplane/PHAK Combo Pack
3 C172/19GAL Fuelhawk 172/19 gal fuel gauge
4 C172/26.5GAL Fuelhawk 172/26.5 gal fuel gauge
5 Checklist Laminated checklist
6 CPC Drone UAS UAS Drone Pilot Ground School and Test Prep
7 CPC Inst Kit KC299 Cessna Instrument Rating Student Kit
8 CPC Inst Syllabus Cleared for Approach Instrument Syllabus
9 CPC Multi Kit KC499 Cessna Multi-Engine Student Kit
10 CPC Pvt Kit KC289 Cessna Private Pilot Student Kit
11 CPC Pvt Syllabus Private Pilot Syllabus CD-ROM
12 E6B/Plotter E6B Flight Computer/Plotter
13 Ear Seals Foam P1-006 Acoustic Foam Ear Seals-SM
14 Ear Seals Gel Ear Seals Gel, David Clark 40863G-02
16 Flight Plan Pad ASA Flight Plan Pad
17 Foggles Foggles
18 FOI Aviation Instructor’s Handbook 8083-9A
19 Fuel Test Cup ASA Fuel Test Cup
20 Fuel Tester AFT-SHORT Aircraft Fuel Tester
21 Gleim CPKT-17 Commercial Knowledge Test
22 Gleim FIGI-18 Flight/Ground Instructor Written Exam
23 Gleim FOI-18 Fundamentals of Instructing
24 Gleim IPKT-18 Instrument Knowledge Test
25 Gleim PPKT-18 Private Pilot Knowledge Test
26 Headset, AirClassics ASA AirClassics Flex Boom Headset
27 Headset, Bag David Clark Headset Bag 40688G-08
28 Headset, DC One-X David Clark One-X Headset
29 Headset, DC PRO-X David Clark Pro-X Headset
30 Headset, DC Stereo David Clark Model H10-13.S, Aviation Headset in Stereo
31 Headset, Faro G2 Faro G2 Headset
32 Headset, Faro G3 ANR Faro G3 ANR Headset Carbon Fiber
33 IFR Hood H2G IFR Jiffyhood
34 Inst Combo Pack Instrument Flying Hnbk & Inst Proc Hnbk FAA 8083-15B-16A
35 Inst Flight Review Instrument Flight Review PARMA IFR
36 Inst Proc Hdbk Instrument Procedure Hnbk
37 Instrument Flying Hdbk Instrument Flying Handbook
38 King Flight Test King Private or Instrument Pilot Flight Test
39 Kneeboard VFR ASA-KB1 VFR Kneeboard
40 Logbook, Cessna Cessna Pilot Logbook
41 Logbook, Jepp Jeppesen Pilot Logbook
42 Logbook, SP-30 SP-30 Log Book
43 McCormack’s Odyssey
44 Mic Muff Large Mic Muff P1-022 Large
45 Mic Muff Small Mic Muff P1-024 Small
46 OEG CFI ASA Oral Exam Guide CFI CF17
47 OEG COM ASA Oral Exam Guide Commercial OEG-C7
48 OEG INST ASA Oral Exam Guide Instrument
49 OEG ME ASA Oral Exam Guide Multiengine
50 OEG PVT ASA Oral Exam Guide Private OEG-P11
51 P2-001V2 PTT, Deluxe
52 PHAK Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
53 Plotter, CP-1 Plotter
54 POH Arrow 200 Cherokee Arrow POH 1969, PA-28R-200
55 POH C162 Pilot’s Operating Handbook C162 Skycatcher
56 POH C172M 1976 Pilot’s Operating Handbook 1976 Skyhawk C172M
57 POH C172S 1999 Pilot’s Operating Handbook 1999 Skyhawk C172S Nav II
58 POH C172S 2007 Pilot’s Operating Handbook 2007 Skyhawk C172S Nav III
59 PTS CFI ME ASA PTS Flight Instructor ME 8081-6DM
60 PTS CFI SE ASA PTS Flight Instructor SE 8081-6DS
61 PTS ME ASA PTS Multi-Engine Private
62 PTS/ACS Commercial ASA/ACS Commercial SEL/ME
63 PTS/ACS Instrument ASA/ACS Instrument Rating Airman Certification Stds
64 PTS/ACS Private ASA/ACS Private Pilot SEL Airman Certification Stds.
65 Sectional, Albuquerque Sectional Aeronautical Chart ALBQ
66 Sectional, Brownsville Sectional Aeronautical Chart Brownsville
67 Sectional, DAL-FTW Sectional Aeronautical Chart Dallas-FTW
68 Sectional, El Paso Sectional Aeronautical Chart El Paso
69 Sectional, Houston Sectional Aeronautical Chart Houston
70 Sectional, Memphis Sectional Aeronautical Chart Memphis
71 Sectional, New Orleans Sectional Aeronautical Chart New Orleans
72 Sectional, San Antonio Sectional Aeronautical Chart San Antonio
73 Solo Cert CT-Solo Certificate
74 TAC Dallas FW VFR Terminal Area Chart Dallas Fort Worth
75 TAC Houston VFR Terminal Area Chart Houston
76 US Enroute L15/16 IFR Enroute Low Altitude L15/16
77 US Enroute L17/18 IFR Enroute Low Altitude L17/18
78 US Enroute L19/20 IFR Enroute Low Altitude L19/20
79 US Enroute L21/22 IFR Enroute Low Altitude L21/22
80 US Enroute L5/6 IFR Enroute Low Altitude L5/6
81 US Terminal SC1 US Terminal Procedures Arkansas, OK
82 US Terminal SC2 US Terminal Procedures North Texas
83 US Terminal SC3 US Terminal Procedures Texas Southwest
84 US Terminal SC4 US Terminal Procedures LA, MS
85 US Terminal SC5 US Terminal Procedures SE TX
86 US Terminal SW1 US Terminal Procedures SW1 CO NM