Confidence and Safety

Check-out our new video concerning the Standard Operating Procedures we here at Easterwood Airport (KCLL) use to keep our aircraft in tip-top shape. Learn to fly with BVFS where safety and pilot confidence is the [...]

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Private Pilot Privileges

What exactly can a private pilot do? Becoming a private pilot opens the door for a wide array of opportunities flying a variety of aircraft to thousands of airports across the world. In this video, Jared Brank, CFI-I at Brazos Valley Flight Services, breaks down exactly what is needed to become a private pilot and the privileges the certificate offers.

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Did you know we have a store?

Howdy all! Did you know that BVFS keeps various equipment, manuals and flight related gear on hand, for sale to the public? We do! Stop by our office or give us a call to see [...]

2018-04-08T01:06:09-05:002017-09-01 (Friday)|

Launching a new BVFS Website!

A new BVFS website is launching in early September! We are refreshing our content and making our website more modern and functional for mobile devices. Stay tuned...

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