Whether you are looking to get your UAS part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate or you need to hire professionals to meet your aerial video and imaging needs, BVFS can help you!

BVFS is an approved FAA testing center, therefore we also administer the Commercial UAS exam, i.e. Remote Pilot 14 CFR part 107. Contact us to schedule your exam.

For more information and training material on commercial Drones (UAS) please see the following links or, even better, call us!

Here are a few reasons for our customers to hire us:

  • Take pictures and videos in HD 4k quality of real estate (residential or commercial)
  • Surveying a property, farm, or work site
  • Inspecting power lines, towers, or pylons
  • Inspecting hard-to-reach areas
  • Movie-making or advertisement
  • Consulting to keep your UAS operation safe and legal by following best practices

If your need is not listed just contact us. We will be glad to discuss the options with you and make a personalized plan.

Meet our UAS Pilot

Scott McHarg

  • Private Pilot (ASEL)
  • Commercial UAS rating: FAA Part 107 Certificate
  • Approximately 1400 hours flying the RQ-2 Pioneer U.A.V. as an external pilot instructor
  • Over 40 logged hours P.I.C. for VSCL/CANVASS with 180.8 hours on site/observing U.A.V./sUAS
  • R/C Pilot since 1989 with numerous National Aerobatics championships
  • Futaba Factory Sponsored Team Pilot. Flight Power Factory Sponsored Team Pilot
  • Castle Creations Sponsored Team Pilot

Why Get Certified?

Firstly, consider that only commercial operators are required to obtain a FAA 14 CFR part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate. If you only operate your drone for fun, you are not required to obtain this certificate, although BVFS recommends you do it anyway. You would be surprised to learn how many “gotchas” are out there. For instance, do you know about Temporary Flight Restrictions? No? Then call us. Also, the FAA definition of what constitutes a commercial operation is much wider than most people think. If someone else asks you to fly a drone, for whatever reason, it could easily be considered “commercial.” If you are already a certificated pilot, then there is a shorter path to get the UAS Pilot certificate. Consult the FAA links on this page to learn more or call us for details.

In order to prepare for the FAA Remote Pilot test, BVFS offers two routes: online and classroom. For the online option, we offer the Kings School UAS License course. The online option is the best for most people who are self-motivated, have a busy schedule, and want to learn at their own pace. The course costs only $129.

The FAA test, if taken at BVFS’ Testing Center, costs $150. If you purchased the online training course from BVFS, or have obtained classroom training from us, then there is a $10 discount on the test.

The classroom training is best for small groups of 4 to 6 persons who want to concentrate the effort in one or two days of intensive training. For classroom training, at your location or ours, please contact us and we will provide you a personalized quote based on your needs.

BVFS Can Do It!

In many instances, it is not convenient for your business or organization to go through the process of getting drone pilots certified, buying all the equipment, staying up to date with regulation changes and insurance requirements just to take a few occasional shots or videos. Like in many other business functions, hiring an efficient external company to get the job done is the solution to keep your customers happy and your operation efficient.

However, you would not hire an amateur, there is too much on the line. Have you ever heard the saying “If you think a professional is expensive, just wait til you hire an amateur”? Flying drones is not an exception to this old adage. BVFS’ pilots and instructors are professionals. We have the right equipment, know how to operate it safely and legally, and know how to communicate with the FAA. We are well aware of regulations, not only when it comes to UAS operations, but for aviation in general. It is our job.

In addition, we have flexible insurance for UAS operations that allow us to buy just the coverage we need to get the job done so we can give you the peace of mind you seek and the efficiency you need. We can trust our pilots because they are professionals, with thousands of hours operating drones for personal, commercial, and research purposes.

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