What type of Flight School is Brazos Valley Flight Services (BVFS)?

Brazos Valley Flight Services is a Part 61 Cessna Pilot Center Flight School. BVFS provides instruction under Part 61 regulations.   BVFS utilizes Cessna aircraft for training along the Cessna Pilot Center training syllabus.

How do flight lessons work?

BVFS encourages each client to fly at minimum, two to three times per week. This schedule is considered full time enrollment and allows the customer to consistently make progress. Flying less than twice per week will extend the course duration and cost significantly. 

Flight Lessons are scheduled in two or three hour blocks of time with both aircraft and instructor. Private Pilot students will need to schedule all training flights during daylight hours although towards the end of the course they will schedule specific flights at night for night flying lessons. During the cross country phase some lessons will be four to five hours in duration.

How does ground school work?

As a Cessna Pilot Center, BVFS follows Cessna's Computer-based Instruction course "Cleared for Takeoff." This program is a fully integrated curriculum where students view lab lessons at home on their computer and then come to the airport for flight lessons. Most ground instruction is computer directed and will be done at home rather than in a classroom lecture environment.   Of course, instructors are always available to clear up questions the student my have.

How are students paired with instructors?

BVFS employs seasoned flight instructors that are available seven days a week. Students choose the instructor they want and may change at any time. 

How much studying is involved?

Students should expect to spend about two hours studying and utilizing the Computer-based Instruction Course before each flight lesson.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Students flying two to three times per week and studying can expect to finish in 3 to 4 months, weather permitting. Customers flying only once a week up take longer.  Accelerated classes are available.  

What type of aircraft are used for training?

As a Cessna Pilot Center, BVFS performs all Private Pilot training in Cessna 172 Skyhawk and Cessna 162 Skycatcher.  BVFS operates both the older round gauge instrument equipped Cessna 172's and the new state of art G1000 glass cockpit Cessna 172's.  BVFS will also do training in personally owned that are properly licensed aircraft.

How old do you have to take flight training?

Students must be at least sixteen years of age to solo and seventeen years of age to get their Private Pilot's License. BVFS does provide training to young men & women who don't yet meet the FAA age minimums. However, for those under age students, BVFS recommends a part time training schedule.

What about foreign citizens and flight training? 

All non-US citizens, permanent residents included, must go through the TSA procedure prior to receiving flight training.  To start this process, go to and registered.  For help call BVFS.

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